20 Dead Giveaways that you’re an Introvert

Living in an extroverted world, introverts often try and hide their true nature for a whole multitude of reasons. If life pushes the right buttons however, there are some dead giveaways that will bring out our true quirky, sometimes awkward, selves. Here are 20 of them…

1/ When you’re texting someone and they decide to call you you panic knowing there is nowhere to hide. You were just texting them, they know you’re there!

2/ When anyone calls you have a breakdown.

3/ When you have to make a phone call you breath into a paper bag and psych your self up. I can do this, I can do this! Then when they answer you can’t even remember your own name. If nobody answers the flood of relief is better than sex.

4/ You do all of your shopping online which is why you now have a house full of unnecessary things that didn’t look as good as they did in the picture.

5/ You do anything you have to go outside for early in the morning to minimise the chance of coming into contact with people.

6/ When you’re forced to go real life shopping you arrive at 9:10 because a) it’s almost empty and b) 9am would seem too keen.

7/ You feel like you have caused a world crisis by fumbling for your money at the checkout when there is a queue of people behind you. Keep the change! (Thank you contactless and self service machines.)

8/ Speaking of self service checkouts, when the red light goes off and you need to get a workers attention. You know the end is nigh. Pour some liquor out for me.

9/ You shrink back into your shell when someone asks why you’re so quiet.

10/ You’d rather miss your bus stop and walk back 2 miles than ask someone if you can get out the seat.

11/ When someone cancels plans you we’re trying to get out of anyway.

12/ You pray for a fire when someone drags you to dance.

13/ When your job requires you to attend a networking event theres always some crisis that needs dealing with in the hall.


14/ At parties you cling on to your one friend for dear life.


15/ You maintain small talk for about 20 minutes at events but then find yourself on the island of alone and slip out before anyone notices.

16/ Your weekends consist of Netflix, naps and deep thoughts about life.

17/ When you’re told you have to give a presentation at school or work the fundamental reality of your world shifts.

18/ When you finally pluck up the courage to speak in a meeting someone else starts talking at the same time. You shut up and hope no-one noticed your foray into the world.

19/ When you a join a gym you’ll watch people using equipment out the side of your eye before you have a go incase you let yourself down.

20/ But most of all you love solitude. You protect it like a momma bear protecting its cub.

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