Am I A Slave? Modern slavery & the fantasy of freedom

Freedom is a fantasy, it is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. Slavery may have been outlawed in the West but what replaced slavery? The factory and the call centre.

No longer are humans kept on plantations, but we still show up in the fields. We are free to choose another field, but pick cotton we must. Today we are wage slaves; we must work to pay for food and shelter.

And what if you want more than food and shelter? You become a debt slave. You are pitted against your neighbour for the next new gadget or lifestyle choice. You take on student loans for the prospect of a better paying job, forever clambering up the pile of people reaching for the top.

The video below examines how we are given the illusion of freedom yet we are all still slaves policing each other into conformity while the master makes off with the spoils of our sweat.


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