I’ve handed my notice in on my house

This morning I served notice to leave the house I’ve been renting. This means I’ll be able to reduce my rent by about 20-25% which will come in handy when I finally tunnel out of my open plan hell.

I am moving back to the other side of the city I live in, where the countryside is more hilly and rugged for long walks and crucially, the rents are cheaper.

This almost makes my decision to leave work inevitable. I mean, work for me has been pretty unbearable, but add back in a 3 hour a day public transport commute (I used to do this when I started my job before moving closer) and you can guarentee I’ll follow through with my plans!

This is called burning your bridges. Leaving you with no option but to push on and make a success of your plans without the temptation to go back to the comforts of (in this case) a ‘stable’ job.


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