Why you shouldn’t do something you love as work

I’ve found that by finding something you love doing and then doing it for work, destroys your love for the thing you loved. 

This thought goes against the grain of common sense. The prevailing thought is that you have to spend 40 hours a week doing something, anything, to earn money. So make it something you enjoy.Yet through my experience, and believe me I have experience (of starting 3 totally unrelated careers in things ‘I love’); doing it for a job kills the spark. For example I loved playing around making apps, so I went back to university to become a software engineer. 

Doing it for a job has crushed my passion because now I have to meet deadlines, make boring stuff for other people, produce endless testing and paper work, listen to small talk, stay awake during meetings and be there for 40 hours even when I have finished my work or I am bored by it. 

Doing something for a job adds whole other layers of bureaucracy and bullshit that means when I come home I am done. I have lost the energy to work on a cool home project; the type of project that made me think it was a good idea to pursue it as a job in the first place.

This is a pessimistic post, yet who said life was sunsets and people on mountain tops? The self help industry has sold us on false pretences, I want my money back.

In order to figure out how to escape the matrix and live a life of freedom we need to escape the notion that picking one thing for 40 hours a week is the right treatment for our interests.

There has to be a better way? A life of liminality, a reality where the introverted multipotentialite’s can thrive.


3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t do something you love as work”

    1. Interesting. I don’t think I could teach children or people put in a system where they have to be there. Perhaps adult education though.

      Are you a teacher? The summers do sound good though!

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