Happy last work day of the week day

It’s Friday!

For most of us that means it’s the last day of sitting in a cubicle staring blankly at a screen trying to avoid the inane small talk of our colleagues. 

While we maintain our resting bitch face, inside we feel muted yet stirring joy at the prospect of an evening + 2 whole days free from clock watching,

That’s why, my dear introverts, I urge you to not waste your time off. Make the most of it.

So cancel any plans you may have accidentally allowed yourself to get pushed into in a moment of a weakness earlier in the week and on the way home, pick up some of your favorite snacks and make for the sofa.

Curtains closed, pajamas on, Netflix loaded, let’s live this evening up to the max. Life’s too short to play small. If you don’t make life happen, life will happen too you. You only live once. 


[Insert more self help clichés here, possibly even a picture of a person on top of a mountain at sunrise].


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