I’m feeling dangerous right now

More and more, lately, I have been entering a state of carelessness. As I begin to see through the false prison that society has built for us it feels almost like I’m transcending reality. 

It’s a strange feeling and one cannot describe it in words, but I feel light on my feet and in my brain. I feel liberated from the weight of expectation and rules.

It feels dangerous, like I could do something drastic without thinking it through properly. Perhaps this is to be truely free? To be liberated from my anxious mind?

I cease to care what people think of me. I cease to care about my punctuality. I cease to care about the little things that weigh my days down like waterlogged clothing in the sea.

These fleeting moments of freedom seem to be occurring more and more as I approach my exit from the workplace (September 2017). I think, no… I feel like it is a sign, that I am on the right path.


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