Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Many people behave like sheep, following the herd along well trodden paths. Like lambs to the slaughter; the path being the 9-5 job and your slaughter the eventual extinction of your soul & spirit. 

But what if you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing? What if you’ve been brought up to behave like a sheep. But deep down inside, you know you are different. There’s a feint growl behind your baaaaah, dimming as the years go by.

You feel suffocated by the layers of wool. Your ears are pierced by the constant baaaaaah of your peers. You know there is more to life than your trail.

You suspect that over the hill there might be something more to explore. You can feel it in your soul that you are destined to roam great distances. To hunt alone. 

But it’s scary. All you’ve ever known is the herd. They’re your family and friends, and there is safety in numbers. 

There is nothing wrong with being a sheep, shuffling along the trail. There is nothing wrong with craving the safety of the herd. If you’re a sheep.  

The wolf in sheep’s clothing is to be feared, that is something the herd mentality teaches us. But that’s just like sheep, to become fearful of anyone unlike them, anyone posing a threat to their ways.

And why would they ever lie to you? Tell you that this is just the way it is, the way it has to be, the reality of things. That there is nothing else out there for you on the great plains of possibility.

Could it be that despite being nervous, despite their looks and laughter, despite the threat of ostracisation, deep down you are a lone wolf with all the instincts necessary to become who you truely are?

You have the scent of freedom on your snout. No matter how settled you are in your cage of limitations, nothing could ever tame your true nature.

Go hunt.


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