Guess what!? I’m back on track for escaping my 9-5!!!

What a day!

This morning I was slouched at my desk, tapping away on my keyboard to the tick of the clock. 

I was resigned to the fact that my partner had withdrawn her support for me leaving my job and so I’d have to grind it out, separately trying to start a side hustle with no time or energy.
Then, out the blue I received two wonderfully encouraging comments from people I’d never met. It totally changed my day and gave me hope that I could follow my dreams, that it was possible.

Then tonight for the first time, me and my partner were able to discuss it without resentment or arguing and we agreed that she would be the sole income earner while I looked after our child 2 days a week and built a business in the other 3.

Financially we will be ok, we will move to save some rent, end the commute, cut the nursery fees and I’ve personally snipped a lot of little expenses (phone, music, magazine subscriptions etc) to a point where we will have a little bit of spending money every month even if I earn nothing for a while.

I expect it’ll be a few months before I see any income and even then it might only be a trickle for a while until my business takes off. 

But so what! I’m on my way to living a liminal life filled with my multiple interests, not stuck chained to a desk doing the same thing day after day.

As long as I am doing something I love I have faith that the money will take care of itself. 

For the first time in almost a year, life is looking fun and interesting again. 

22nd September 2017; the day I will walk out the office for good and never work another day in my life.



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