Why companies won’t let introverts work from home (and it’s negative effect on your life)

I finished work 2 hours early today, so that I could finish my work at home. I’d spent the previous 7 hours in the office and had gotten nowhere with the software I was developing.

Once I got home, I put on some calm meditation sounds, brewed a cup of herbal tea (my favorite camomile and spiced apple) and sat back in my sofa and proceeded, in 2 hours, to produce 10x anything I had done in the preceding 7.

For anxious (and highly sensitive) introverts, the work place can lead to a destruction of productivity. We can’t concentrate as people chatter, we can’t work as people interrupt our train of thought and we struggle to focus on our screens when our brains are frazzeled and just need some calm, away from the fluorescent lights of the open plan hell most of us find ourselves working in.

So why aren’t companies more flexible? My company is flexible in that you can leave early. If you start early. You still have to work 40 hours. The time I worked at home won’t count towards my weekly hours, yet it’s something I needed to do to accomplish my tasks. My time today in the office was a waste of both my time, and the companies.

So why do they want you there so bad for a set amount of time? Surely it doesn’t mater if you complete the tasks you were given?

Companies around the world have bought into a false belief system that they need to hire your time and not your productivity. Sure your productivity is important in so much as it is designed keep you above a sackable line and in competition with your colleagues always squeezing more out of you…

But if you’re super productive and have done all your work in 1/2 your working day, will you get to skip home to see your child? Will you be able to go for a walk in the woods? Don’t be silly! Of course not, you’ll get to stay sitting in front of your screen producing even more work. 

Until the clock strikes 5 that is, and you are allowed to battle your way through the commute towards that ludicrously expensive cave you call home, where you’re too exhausted to do anything but slump yourself infront of Netflix with a bowl of crisps.

We are the introverts. We are those who are at work before anyone else gets in, or are here after everyone else has left. We are taking our work home with us because we are unable to function well in an office. We are getting our best work done in time that should be our own, because we are not suited to the rigid rules of the work place.

It’s time, in the digital age, for businesses to set people free from the tyranny of the clock and allow them to work in a way which benefits them and the business.


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