3 times when office rage struck

Some people just aren’t designed to be sat in an office for 8 hours a day staring at a screen. For those people, it can drive them to a phenomenon known as office rage, where the confines of the cubicle crush your soul and spirit over time. 

Introvert’s are particularly susceptible to office rage as their brains are overwhelmed with small talk, colleagues and computers. Little things that you would ordinarily tolerate build and become huge bones of contention.

Until you snap.

Here is a great example of an irritated office worker who’s ergonomics get the better of him. Office work can crush your soul, but bad ergonomics can crush your spine creating an irritable, hunched human ready to blow. He’d had enough, as he kicked the door open and walked outside, I felt he was coming into the light.

I hope he has found a better place in life, or at the very least a better chair and PC arrangement.

This ones funny as, I bet the guy was just trying to print some useless bullshit report that added no value to the world whatsoever. But his salary demands his time and efforts and so what do you do when the printer won’t work and the ink cartridge explodes in your face? You photocopy the damn screen.

I often fantasise about going out in a blaze of ink cartridge dust. Hats off to you, Sir, you’ll never work again.

The repetitive work of the office gets to everyone. What is sad about this video is that after he throws his laptop at the wall, his colleague chucks it back on his desk. We may hate our work and think fuck it from time to time, but someones always gonna be there to ensure you fall back in line.

The guys look of utter resignation and despair betray his realisation that he’ll have to go right back to work for another 30 years until retirement or death, whichever occurs first.

If I don’t leave the 9-5 workplace soon, I will be one of these guys.


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