Meaningful connections happen in unexpected places

As you all know by now, the 9-5 workplace is not my thing. I’m on a mission to liberate my time from this soul sucking endeavour.

Well, today I was having an especially crappy day. Everything I touched turned to shit, my slow work was blocking a whole team of people from theirs and to top it all off I trashed my laptop just as I thought I was about to make progress.

But there’s a girl at work who I generally talk too on Skype (hey, I’m an introvert) and she was having a sucky day too so we were venting and then she started talking about how she wasn’t designed for the 9-5 life and how she’s so sick of being too tired at the end of the day to do anything with her time.

Being an introvert, stuck inside my own head a lot of the time it can sometimes seem like I am the only one with these thoughts and anxieties but it was so beautiful just to share that mutual hatred of the rat race.

She told me her ideal amount of work was 3 days a week (mine is 2) before she starts burning out. She’s going back to university soon though and will have lots of time to contemplate her path forward and me, I’ll continue to dig my tunnel out of prison work.

In a place where I am utterly dejected and depressed, I found a meaningful connection today in a sea of small talk, and for that I am grateful.

It just goes to show that whatever your situation, you aren’t alone and there are people feeling just like you. People you would never even expect.


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