18 signs you’re an introvert

Here are 18 things I do/ have done that I think you might have as well if you’re as awkwardly introverted as I am. 

You’re definately an introvert if…

1. You make up fake plans for the weekend because you think others will judge you if you tell them the truth.

2. You get excited when you get sick so you don’t have to go to work.

3. The feeling you get when someone cancels plans is almost worth saying yes in the first place.

4. You’ve worn headphones so that people don’t talk to you, even when you’re not playing anything.

5. You avoid contact with co-workers all day but secretly get upset when they don’t invite you to lunch.

6. And when they do invite you to lunch, you wonder if choking to death would be less excruciating than the awkward silences 🤔. 

7. You drink excessive amounts of water because toilet breaks are a blissful break from people.

8. You got a knot in your stomach when the teacher said “right, get into pairs”.

9. You continue paying expensive subscriptions because there is no online cancellation and you’d rather pay overdraught fees than call them.

10. You’ve picked modules/ courses based on which hasn’t got a presentation in.

11. You’re school reports said “…needs to come out of their shell”.

12. You mess up real life conversations everyday but you’re the wittiest mf alive on messenger.

13. You have most exciting inner world but all people ever see is…


14. You go bald so you don’t have to endure barber shop talk anymore.

15. You can’t enjoy Sunday afternoon because you’re depressed about having to leave the house on Monday.

16. You’re constantly doing math in your head of when your next alone time will be.

17. You love long walks in the countryside but cities drain you.

18. You start searching Google at 8pm with “cast of Godfather” to find out who’s still alive and end up researching quantum mechanics at 3am.

And with that final point, on with you to your internet my fellow inny’s. 


3 thoughts on “18 signs you’re an introvert”

  1. Or an alternative for 14… grow really long hair and trim it yourself. If you mess it up it’s less noticeable than if you’d have short hair… I may or may not do this…ok I do. Because hair stylists have the worst small talk… also I just read your about section. You definitely need to escape that fluorescent prison! Something better will cross your path!

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