The “only x hours until I have to go to work” Sunday afternoon depression

It’s a beautiful day today.

Must not think about work, must not think about work, oh I’ve thought about work, now I’ve posted about work and now I’m depressed about work.

When does it kick in for you?

For me it’s right after Sunday lunch, with the post-lunch lull I cease to enjoy my precious time off and begin despairing of the fact I have to go and give 1/2 of my waking day to someone else for money soon.

With this money I’ll pay the rent, eat, possibly stay warm and generally scrape by until my next instalment. Of course, I’ll remember to be grateful for it, always be grateful for it. Because as long as I’m anxious about the possibility that I might someday lose said job, and the terrible consequences that would follow, I’ll continue to accept it’s absurdity. 


3 thoughts on “The “only x hours until I have to go to work” Sunday afternoon depression”

  1. Omg.. I so recognize this feeling. Around early afternoon each Sunday I would start feeling miserable even though I still had an entire afternoon to enjoy! Any rational thinking person would say just turn off the sad feeling but you know as well as I do that that is just not as easy for some people!

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  2. I really can relate to this. I feel horrible about Monday. But not because I have to do my job as usual, but I just hate acting like I’m sociable around people. It takes a lot of my energy and I always end up being depressed in the evening to the night just because I can’t “recharge” but working on my paper.


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